The update 1.9.0 was released and is available for download.

Make a backup of your data before the update!



  • The item tables now contain a detailed view to show the ebay item specifics.
  • Queue: Items remain in queue after logout
  • Synchronization settings have been added to the settings
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts have been integrated
  • Item management window: The navigation bar can be collapsed
  • Feedback: Synchronization can be triggered manually.
  • Vehicles can be removed.
  • The import of item data from ebay can now be selected
  • Backups: Items from the queue can be saved
  • In the item search you can filter now
  • New columns have been added to the item tables: Compatibility, Variations (for Unsold and Sold)

Image management

  • Local image management: Local images from drafts and the queue can be managed and saved by dewabit.
  • Image URLs can now be revised
  • Locally managed images can be backed up
  • Images can be exported and directly linked to the item


  • Folder: Items are automatically moved to the Others folder if the connected folder no longer exists.
  • Many, small bug fixes

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