It's time! As one or the other user has already noticed, we have redesigned our website a few days ago. The aim of the redesign was to standardize all internal and external pages under one design.

The dewabit homepage, the help pages, the members area, the blog and the community (new) are now uniformly designed and accessible from every page.

dewabit Community

We have often been asked to provide a kind of community/forum where you can exchange ideas. We have now complied with this request. Since there is no reasonable solution on the market that meets our needs, we decided to develop our own forum system.

This is a first test where we want to see how well the project "Community" is accepted. As expected, the forum is still empty. We therefore call on all users to take a look at it and give us feedback.

The forum is available in German and English. A change of the language in the upper navigation bar leads to the change of the forum and the postings.

Feature Requests

The feature requests have been moved from the support area to the community. We have created a new category including subforums to be able to assign them better. We also added a new function which shows the development progress of the functions.

What's next?

Since the project "Community" is now finished, we are working on version 1.9 further. Version 1.9 contains among other things an integrated image management.

We are looking forward to your feedback!