The update 2.0.0 is near completion and we will start an open beta soon. In this blog post I will show you our new features and improvements of the upcoming update.

New Internal API

One of the biggest innovations of the update is our new internal API. Even if this does not offer any new functions for you at first glance, it opens new doors for us and is much more stable and performant compared to the old API.
The following diagram shows a speed comparison between the new and old API, as already explained in the Christmas greeting. In each case, 100 API requests were executed for posting and loading an item. The average time was then displayed in milliseconds.


Application Improvements

In line with the new API, we have completely revised the internal core within our Windows application, which also leads to increased stability.

Online mode

The user can now decide when logging in and within the application whether to activate online mode. This has the advantage that smaller amounts of data are synchronized, which increases the speed and minimizes the used memory. This is especially interesting for users with many active items.

Basic settings

Since a large number of settings have accumulated in the meantime and this can easily become confusing, especially for new users, the window for the basic settings appears when the new version is started for the first time. Only the most important settings are displayed, which are set step by step. The basic settings can of course be started again in the application at any time.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is here! You can now switch to Dark Mode in addition to the usual bright view.

Dark Mode in dewabit

Item management

In the following you will see new functions around the item management.

Item overview

The item overview has been revised and all available input fields are now displayed. It is now possible to select several items and switch between them within the window. In addition, you can display a preview of the item with the changes during editing.

New item overview

Sync Items

In update 2.0.0 we have implemented the synchronized items. These are items which are managed by our server. At first it will be possible to synchronize drafts, but we are still planning to extend a queue and start time planning of dewabit. These functions are also possible through the new API.

What are the advantages of sync items?
  • Automatic synchronization between multiple computers
  • No more backups necessary
  • Item images are managed by dewabit
  • Access via the Windows and Web client
Item-Sync between multiple clients

The Sync Items are an alternative to the local drafts. The local drafts remain available and can be backed up.

Archiving and image management

With the new version, we only store expired ebay items (Unsold, Sold) for 6 more months. To enable you to archive and save your items correctly in a backup we have implemented an image management. If you currently want to archive your ebay items, you have to move them to the drafts and you are facing the problem that the images of the exported items are still online on the ebay servers and will be deleted after a while. With the new function you can now select multiple items and export the images together. There are a lot of functions available, like linking the images directly to the item.

Archive items with images correctly

We have extended the item search and it is now possible to search between different item tables. In addition, more information is now displayed in the results and the new image management can also be selected as a processing action.

Item search between multiple tables

Additionally we have extended the search by logical operators. This allows you to enter several search terms within a search query and link them together.

Use logical operators in item search

Further improvements

  • Direct editing can also be used in the queue and sync items
  • The international return can now be specified
  • Vehicles can now be imported using K-Type (TecDoc import possible)
  • Private listings can be managed again
  • Loading a description of an item within the item management window is now possible for all items
  • Variations can be revised in bulk
  • When adding and editing variations you can search and filter
  • Copying to the drafts is possible from each item table
  • Multiple items can be copied in the drafts

Order management

In the following you will see new functions around the order management.


Orders can be marked in colour in the table overview. The marking is automatically synchronized between all connected clients.

Mark orders

As with the items, private notes can be stored. The notes are defined within the order or directly in the table overview and synchronize with all clients.

Private notes in orders

Shipping label

In cooperation with, labels can be created and printed in the application. You can have one or more labels generated from the existing orders and mark the orders automatically on ebay with the generated tracking number as shipped after creation. The recipient data is automatically loaded from the orders and inserted, if available. However, it is also possible to create the labels independently of an order.

Currently only the service provider DHL is supported, in the future other service providers will follow.

Create shipping labels


The section: Promotions has been completely revised and we have switched to the new ebay API for this purpose. However, this has the disadvantage that promotions, which are currently created with dewabit, can no longer be managed by dewabit.

Promotions in dewabit

There are of course also advantages: Through the changeover we were finally able to implement the function: Volume pricing.

Volume pricing in dewabti

Also actions of the type: Sale event + markdown can be created and managed within dewabit. This option reflects the promotions of the current dewabit version (1.9.9 and smaller). But now there are many more options. For example, you can create several discount types within the promotion and assign separate items for each type.

Sale event + markdown in dewabit

Of course there are a lot more improvements and a full changelog will follow when the version is released.