The update 1.9.0 is nearly compleated and in this blog entry I will show you our new features and improvements.

Image management

The biggest innovation of the update is the revision of the image management of items. Currently, only the path to an image is saved, which causes a problem if it is a local image. If the image is moved or deleted on the computer, it can no longer be found and used by dewabit. But not only local images lead to a problem. Item images hosted on ebay are automatically deleted after 90 days. Again, affected items would no longer be able to use the images and you would have to reassign them.

For this reason we have decided to have dewabit manage local item images from the drafts and the queue.

Activate local image management

At the start of the update 1.9.0 the function will still be in the beta phase. Therefore it is deactivated as default. In order for dewabit to be able to manage your images, the function must be activated in the settings under Listing.

After the function has been activated, local images will be automatically managed by dewabit after an item has been revised.

Export images

Since only local images can be managed by dewabit, we have extended our export function of images and it is now possible to link the exported images directly to the item. You will have the possibility to download linked online images, so that they will be managed by dewabit. The function can of course also be used independently of the image management to export images.

Image URL Management

It is now possible to add hosted images of existing items. When you click on the icon with the plus icon, you will always be able to decide from which source you want to add images.

We have also enhanced URL management to automatically recognize and display hosted images. This means that the URL can now be revised so that the image-URL does not have to be deleted before.

Backup Enhancements

The dewabit backup has been extended and it is now possible to save items from the queue as well as the images managed by dewabit.

Synchronization settings

In the settings, you can now specify how new data records should be synchronized.

Synchronize data when starting dewabit or on account change
Currently the current status is synchronized every time dewabit is started or when an account is changed. When deactivating this function, the synchronization is skipped and the main window is immediately visible.

Synchronize data automatically
As soon as dewabit is started, the dewabit app receives a notification for each new record and updates itself automatically. A large amount of data (e.g. more than 10,000 active items) can lead to performance problems, because the new data record is called and loaded for each change in the background.

If you encounter problems during synchronization, the following options are available:

The automatic synchronization can either be switched off completely, then the data records for items, orders, messages and feedback must be synchronized manually. The manual synchronization is done in the respective tables via the button with the cloud.

As an alternative, you can leave the automatic synchronization enabled, but increase the  synchronization interval. The following options are available:

  • On every change (default)
  • Check for changes every 15 minutes (interval)
  • Check for changes every 30 minutes (interval)
  • Check for changes every hour (interval)
  • Check for changes every 2nd hour (interval)

Importing item data

We have extended our item import function and you can now specify which data of an item should be imported. This is useful if, for example, you only want to import the item specifics or the vehicle compatibility list.

You can also call this function within the item management window.

Other improvements

Item management window

The navigation bar of the item management window can be expanded or collapsed as desired.

Item tables

There is now a detailed view for items (similar to orders). When you open it, the item specifics are displayed without having to open the item. In further updates we are planning to display more properites (like variations).

You can now filter and sort in the item search window.

Keyboard shortcuts

We've added useful keyboard shortcuts for certain windows. In the item management window, for example, a draft can be saved/updated using the CTRL+S combination. A list of possible combinations is provided in the help pages.


  • When you log out, items from the queue remain in the queue and are no longer copied to the drafts.
  • Ratings can be filtered correctly
  • Many, small bug fixes