We are currently working on the 1.8.0 update and are in the process of implementing the latest functions. In the following blog post I am going to list and describe some of the most important new features.

Item management window

When developing new functions in the item management window, we faced the problem that there was no space available in the existing tabs. That's why we decided to customize the design, similar to the main window, and move the navigation bar to the left.

Item management window


One of the biggest innovations of the update is the management of compatible vehicles with dewabit. As with the variations, a category must first be selected that supports parts compatibility. An active Internet connection is required to manage the parts compatibility list. However, the remaining input fields can still be edited with dewabit without an active Internet connection.

Similar to ebay, the selection of vehicles is done step by step by selecting individual sub-areas. As it can quickly become confusing due to the large number of vehicles, the individual table columns can be grouped.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Creating and editing the compatible vehicles
  • Grouping possible
  • Export via CSV and PDF
  • Import via CSV
  • Bulk revise for items
  • Notes can be set bundled
  • If possible, the KType can be exported in CSV
  • An active Internet connection is required to manage the compatibility list

Description templates

Description templates are now automatically synchronized with our server. This has the advantage that templates can be automatically synchronized between computers as they are created and edited, so everyone is up to date. In addition, the templates can be removed from backups through synchronization. However, it will still be possible to restore templates from old backup files.

Besides the synchronization we have revised our free templates. They now look even more modern and can still be managed easily by our Template-Engine. In addition, the template engine has been extended with many new functions and predefined variables.
The item templates are now listed in the member area and can be added from there. After a template has been added, it is automatically displayed in dewabit.

Premium Templates

In addition to the free templates, we will offer further item templates developed by us and adapted for the dewabit Template-Engine.

Shipping functions

The shipping functions have been enhanced and it is now possible to specify the package size and weight. Also for the US ebay page the option: "Calculated Shipping: The cost varies depending on the location of the buyer" can be selected. The shipping settings are now automatically loaded for each ebay page and the option "Global Shipping Program" is correctly applied.


We have added new features to our backups. The file name and time format of a backup file can be set manually. In addition, the selection of the data to be saved can be pre-defined so that they do not have to be set with every backup. The most important new feature is automatic backups when the application is closed. No more forgetting backups! In order to avoid creating too many backups, it is possible to specify the period in which new backups should be created, depending on the last backup.

Other functionality improvements

  • CSV import: Product information such as UPC and ISBN are imported
  • Extension of new columns in the item tables
  • Bulk revise: The second category can be set independently of the first category.
  • Queue: When uploading, a separate time interval can be specified for the offset upload of the item.
  • dewabit blog: The blog has been integrated into the Windows application
  • Various other functions
  • Various bug fixes