The update 2.1.0 was released and is available for download.

Make a backup of your data before the update!


With this update we introdruce our new CSV functionality!

CSV Profile manager

  • Profiles for items and orders can be managed
  • You have the possibility to define the separator, list separator, decimal separator and date format for each profile individually
  • CSV profiles can be saved in a backup
  • When exporting and importing, easy to read error messages are now displayed and problematic import rows are highlighted in color
  • CSV mapping allows you to select only the fields you want to export or import, keeping your CSV file small


  • The new Action-Paramter: PartialRevise works similar to bundled editing and allows dynamic revisions. Help on this can be found in the help pages
  • The InventoryProfile now also supports variation items. There the assignment of the variations is done via the SKU or a product identification
  • CSV properties, such as the separator, can be defined for variations and vehicles in the settings
  • When importing a variation CSV, the "Sold" column for active items is retained


  • Orders can be exported now via CSV
  • You can update the order status via the CompleteSale profile. You can specify whether orders have been paid or shipped, as well as store a shipping number and the service provider.


  • Fixed an error when clicking on the cloud in the sync items
  • Shippinglabel: The correct service provider is now set when transferring to ebay
  • Many, small bugfixes

Help pages
The help pages have been extended. Now you can find information about the following topics: