Yesterday we released a new beta version 0.3.3 of dewabit web. In this blog entry I would like to summarize the new features and improvments.

🚘 Item compatibility list

As in the Windows client, we have implemented the item compatibility list into dewabit web. Beside the vehicle administration incl. filter functionalities it is possible to export and import the vehicle lists. The file format is compatible with the Windows client.

Item compatibility list in dewabit web

πŸ‘• New variation features

We have heard that many customers have missed important variation functions from the Windows application in dewabit web. That's why we implemented them now.

Default values

When creating variations, default values can now be specified, as with the Windows client. These are set for all variations during creation and can then be individually adapted.

Creation of variations: Now with Default-SKU, -Price and Quantity.

Bulk revise

Variations can now also be edited bundled.

Variations can now also be edited bundled.

CSV Import/Export

Variations can now also be imported and exported via CSV. Here, too, the format is similar to that of the Windows application, so that the files are compatible between the applications.

πŸ–Œ Template synchronization

Since version 1.8 (Windows) templates are synchronized with our server. This synchronization was retrofitted in dewabit web. So you can also use your Template-Engine templates in the Web-Client.

Synchronized templates in the web client

πŸ–Ό Image rotation

Also in dewabit web we have now integrated the image rotation before upload.

Images can be rotated before uploading

βœ… Verify item incl. fee display

Another button has been added. Next to the list item button there is now the "Verify item" button. This can be used to check whether all required fields have been filled in. In addition, the ebay fees for listing the item are displayed.

Verify item incl. fee display


Mobile improvements

dewabit web can also be used on the go via mobile phone or tablet. There we were able to improve the performance and usability a bit. Furthermore dewabit web is a PWA (Progressive-Web-Application) which can be installed on your home screen. It behaves then like a normal mobile phone app.

dewabit web opened on smartphone

Direct entry of category id

The category ID can be entered directly.

Performance improvements

We have been able to significantly increase performance, even on older devices. Minor bugs have also been fixed.

What's the next step?

After the update is before the update. Next we will integrate the ebay product catalogue into the web client to speed up and simplify the listing process.

How can you help us?

dewabit web is still in beta. We need your feedback to develop dewabit web as well as the Windows client. That's why we call: Test dewabit web and give us your feedback. Tell us your wishes and problems in the dewabit community.