Since the update 0.4.0 released on July 12th there are some new features, which I would like to summarize below:

Synchronized drafts

With the update 0.6.0 synchronized drafts were added to dewabit web. This makes it possible to create drafts that are synchronized with our server and all workstations. When saving a draft item, the corresponding images are also downloaded and synchronized.

A new folder for draft items

To create new drafts, existing items can be dragged and dropped into the drafts folder or within the manage item window.

Items can be copied to draft via drag and drop

The current synchronization status is displayed in the upper right corner.

Synchronization status (here: synced)

New columns

We have added more columns to dewabit web. Thus all columns are available, which are also available in the Windows client.

Some of the new columns

Of course it is possible to show and hide certain columns. This can be done by right-clicking on the table.

Hide/Show columns

Improved performance with many items

If you have many items (more than 2,000), then it could take some time until the items were loaded. We have been able to improve this by sorting and reloading the items, orders and messages on the server side.

Other improvements

  • Since dewabit web is getting more stable, we have removed the intrusive beta warning
  • The number of messages is displayed next to the folders
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

How can you help us?

dewabit web is still in beta. We need your feedback to develop dewabit web as well as the Windows client. That's why we call: Test dewabit web and give us your feedback. Tell us your wishes and problems in the dewabit community.