There are news at dewabit web again. As usual, here is a short summary of the changes and new features.

ebay product catalog

It was announced in the last blog entry, now we have added it. The ebay product catalog can now be used on dewabit web. When creating an item, the catalog opens by default (this can be deactivated in the settings).

ebay product catalog in dewabit web

By using the ebay product catalog, the creation time for items is considerably reduced, as many fields such as title, item specifics, EAN etc. are set automatically.

The EPID and the catalog search are also available in the item management window.

🤳 Barcode-Scanner

Since dewabit web can also be used mobile and almost every mobile device has a camera, we have implemented a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner can be used to scan items in the product catalog.

Barcode-Scanner in dewabit web
The scanned product in the ebay catalog

It is also possible to scan the tracking number of parcel labels.

The tracking number can be scanned directly.

✏️ Direct editing of items

It is now possible to edit the active items directly in the table. This allows quick changes to SKU, title, price, quantity and notes without having to open the item management window.

Direct editing of SKU, title, price, quantity and notes

🚫 End items (in bulk)

Items can now be ended individually and bundled. You can also remove old items from dewabit.

Right-click to open the context menu to end the active items.
Then a dialog opens in which the reason for ending these items early on ebay can be selected.

📢 Other

The navigation was adapted according to the update 1.9 of the Windows client.

The new manage item window

How can you help us?

dewabit web is still in beta. We need your feedback to develop dewabit web as well as the Windows client. That's why we call: Test dewabit web and give us your feedback. Tell us your wishes and problems in the dewabit community.