We would like to thank you for your support in 2019 and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a good start into the new year 2020.

We are constantly working on improving dewabit and an important factor for this is the regular feedback we receive from you. We will not stop working on dewabit in the coming year and would be happy to receive further suggestions for improvement.

Thomas and Dennis

Planned in 2020

In the following we give a small insight into our developments and planned functions for the coming year.

New internal API

We are currently working on the completion of our new improved internal API. Our current API reached its limits somewhat, so we had to do without many functions. When implementing new functions we always try to get the best out of them, so we decided to switch to a new technology.

One of the biggest improvements of the new interface is the performance. If you thought that dewabit is already fast now, you will be surprised how fast it works with the new API.

The following diagram shows a speed comparison with the new and old API. There were 100 API requests each for posting and loading an item. Afterwards the average time was displayed in milliseconds.


The result shows that the old API takes an average of 3 seconds when posting items, while the new API takes only 750 milliseconds. The new API also works much faster when loading an item. Here, it takes 300 milliseconds on average and the old API 1850 milliseconds. Compared to the old API, the new API is therefore 4x faster when creating items and 6x faster when loading them.

Sync Items

For the next major update 2.0.0 we plan to implement Sync-Items. These are items which are managed by our server. At first it will be possible to synchronize drafts, but we are still planning to extend a queue and start time planning of dewabit. These functions are also possible through the new API.

What are the advantages of sync items?
  • Automatic synchronization between multiple computers
  • No more backups necessary
  • Item images are managed by dewabit
  • Access via the Windows and Web client
Item-Sync between multiple clients

The Sync Items are an alternative to the local drafts. The local drafts remain available and can be backed up.

Online mode in the Windows client

In the update 2.0.0 it will be possible to specify whether dewabit Online should be used. This has the advantage that smaller amounts of data can be synchronized, which increases the speed and minimizes the used memory. This is especially interesting for users with many active items.

The offline mode will of course still be available.

Order management

We are working in parallel on a shipping interface of the most common shipping service providers for printing and tracking labels. We will also switch to the new ebay order numbers.

CSV improvements

Currently we only offer 2 predefined CSV profiles, which are also very static. This means that all fields must be filled in, even if they do not necessarily need to be revised.
We are planning the following improvements for our CSV import/export:

  • Dynamic profiles, so that not all fields are overwritten
  • Variations: An import that can be performed on several items
  • Compatibility list: An import only with the K-Type
  • Compatibility list: An import for the TecDoc format
  • Compatibility list: An import that can be performed on several items

Feature requests

As already mentioned, we are working at full speed to complete the new API. As soon as the new update and the API are released, we will again focus on your wishes.